: Doğubeyazit
: Turkey
: Historic Armenia, Eastern Turkey
: 39° 32’ N, 44° 05’ E
: Persian, Urartian, Turkish, Seljuk, Ottoman, Georgian, Armenian

Doğubeyazit / Bayazit [Arm: Daroynkʽ, Dariwnkʽ or Darewnič berd] is positioned on a Bronze-age site near the Iranian border, approximately 30 km south of Mt. Ararat.  The large garrison fortress on the adjoining outcrop was constructed primarily by Armenians between A.D. 300 and 800 with later contributions by the Seljuks and others.  To the southwest is the palace of Īşakpaşa (1685-1784), built under the supervision of Mahmud Paşa and employing Armenian, Georgian, and Persian artisans.  The photographs herein were taken before the “restoration” of the palace by Turkish authorities.


Ref: Doğubeyazit, pp. 435-459, 643; Iranica, Robert W. Edwards, “Bayazit,” vol. 3.8, pp. 886-887; Armenia, pp. 241, 248, 197*.


Additional photos are in the references above.

(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: Beyazit, Bayazit, Daroynkʽ, Dariwnkʽ, Darewnic‛ berd, Դարոյնք, Դարիւնք, Դարօնք, Դարեւնից բերդ, Դարունից բերդ, Dogubeyazit

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Robert W. Edwards
1974 - 1983
Persian, Urartian, Turkish, Seljuk, Ottoman, Georgian, Armenian
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Robert W. Edwards
Ottoman, Urartian
Color Transparencies, 1974, 83
Robert W. Edwards
1974 - 1983