Guidelines for Contributors to
The Christian Architecture of the Levant

1. Any scholar (or group of cooperating academics) may submit the results of his or her fieldwork, to include photographs in black & white or color, measured plans of the buildings (when available), a brief description of each site, and maps, if appropriate. To begin the process, contact the General Editor via the Contact page, describing the material, its importance, and the approximate number of photographs and plans. When approved, the General Editor will assign a separate volume number to each contributor or cooperating group.

2. Volume 1 of this Website may be used as an approximate paradigm for the organization of submissions. The text must be submitted in either English or French and contain, for the Author's page: a Title, a Table of Contents, a short explanatory Introduction, a short Author’s Biography, and a Bibliography of relevant publications. The description for each architectural or archeological site, which may include ecclesiastical, military, and civilian architecture as well as sculpture and painted surfaces, should comprise: the modern name, the late antique and medieval toponyms if known, the latitude and longitude of the location in degrees and minutes, and a short explanatory text with bibliographical references for buildings that have already been published. If the site is unpublished, a longer descriptive text is recommended. Each photograph and its corresponding caption must have the identical catalogue number. Whenever possible, the caption should include the compass direction (e.g., N, W, SE) and a short explanation keyed to the plan of the site. In cases where a plan was not executed the explanation must adequately describe the contents.

3. All texts must be submitted in Microsoft Word “docx” files for the site descriptions and Author’s page, and Microsoft Excel “xlsx” or compatible spreadsheet files for the image captions. Specific formatting requirements will be provided upon request. The photographs and plans must be sent in a digital format (with a recommended resolution of approximately 600 dpi) and each identified by a specific catalogue number. Assuming that all text and visual materials have been received in the correct format, there is no charge for publication on this Website, which never sells the contents and operates on a non-profit basis. Once a volume is posted on this Website, additions or changes to the contents can only be initiated by the contributor with the approval of the General Editor.

4. Contributors must specify on their volume title page that they are the owners, creators, and copyright holders of the material included within the volume. As copyright holders, they must designate how they choose to share the material. If any of the submitted material is no longer under copyright protection or permission has been given to publish the material by copyright holders who are not the contributors, then a letter to that effect must accompany the submissions. All contributors give approval for the one-time publishing of their material on this Website and understand that there is no diminishing of copyright rights by doing so.

5. This Website is operated at the discretion of the General Editor, who shall act in good faith and maintain this Website with the funds donated. By submitting any material to this Website for publication, all contributors waive any and all rights for compensation against the General Editor and all those connected with this Website. Additionally, the General Editor and all those connected with this Website shall be held blameless for any copyright infringement or plagiarism and for any technical difficulties regarding submissions or the operation of the Website, or its accessibility via the Internet.

6. A contributing author is free to deposit any of his/her images contained in this Website into any other archive without restrictions.