The Christian Architecture of the Levant

General Editor: Jirair Christianian

Welcome to The Christian Architecture of the Levant website!

A generous and anonymous grant has allowed the creation of this website as a forum for serious scholars to post their carefully documented photographs, plans, and assessments of the Christian architecture in the Levant.  These sites are primarily comprised of churches, monasteries and fortifications, but also include other minor secular, ecclesiastical and military construction built by Armenians, Greeks, Crusaders and Georgians within modern Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Cyprus. By exposing this material to the widest possible audience, the donors hope to encourage dialogue, provide documentation for publications, and facilitate efforts for the preservation of these endangered monuments. The rate at which these sites have become damaged and, in some cases, completely obliterated, has accelerated in the last decades. The loss of this world heritage is irreversible and not to be underestimated.

Anyone interested in contributing images and plans of the late antique and medieval Christian settlements in the Levant is invited to contact the General Editor via the Contact link in the Website header.  There is no minimum limit on the number of photographs and plans that can be submitted.

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