: Lamas
: Turkey
: Cilicia, South-Central Turkey
: 36° 34’ N, 34° 15’ E
: Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine

Lamas / Limonlu [Arab: Lāmis; Grk: Lamousia; Arm: Lamaws, Lamōs or Lamos; Itl: Lamo] is a small Byzantine garrison fortress with an oblong plan.  This site later became an Armenian baronial possession.  Located on the Mediterranean Sea northeast of Korykos it was an important post on the 10th c. frontier between Arab Cilicia and the Greek theme of Seleucia.


Ref: Fortifications, pp. 174-176; Expedition, Ch. 20; Burgen, pp. 240-242.


(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: Limonlu, Lāmis, Lamousia, Lamaws, Lamōs, Lamos, Լամաւս, Լամօս, Լամոս, Lamo, Λαμούσια, Λάμοϛ

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Robert W. Edwards
1974 - 1979
Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine
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Robert W. Edwards
Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine
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Robert W. Edwards
Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine