: Alahan
: Turkey
: Cilicia, South-Central Turkey
: 36° 42’ N, 33° 22’ E
: Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine

Alahan is a late antique / Byzantine complex on a rock shelf above the Calycadnus valley.  Among the principal structures are a Cave Church, a three-aisled West Basilica, and a Baptistery, all from the 5th c., as well as a beautifully preserved East Basilica completed in the early 6th c.  Alahan is located in the Isaurian portion of the Taurus Mts. northwest of Mut near the route connecting Silifke to Cappadocia.  There is no evidence that it was a pilgrimage center, but it perhaps served as a monastery.  The recent discovery of 13th and 14th c. Armenian coins indicates that the site was occupied in the medieval period.


Ref: Alahan, passim; Eerdmans, Hugh Elton, “Alahan,” vol. 1, pp. 28-30.


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(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

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Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine