: Amuda
: Turkey
: Cilicia, South-Central Turkey
: 37° 11’ N, 36° 05’ E
: Arab, Crusader, Armenian, Mamluk

Amuda / Hemite [Arab: Qalʽat al-ʽAmūdayn or al-Ḥamatīye; Arm: Amuda, Amuta or Amoutay; Frank: Hamuda] is a garrison fortress, primarily of Crusader (Teutonic Knights) construction.  The rectangular plan of the single circuit wall is supplemented by conspicuous square and round towers and is dominated by a four-storey keep.  This site is located in the eastern half of Cilicia Pedias, has clear inter-visibility with Anavarza and Babaoğlan, and once guarded strategic roads to the north as well as several routes east through the Anti-Taurus Mts.


Ref: Fortifications, pp. 58-62; Burgen, pp. 123-131; Commonality, p. 248; Châteaux, pp. 52-53; Mamluks, p. 49.


(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: Hemite, Hemediye, Qalʽat al-ʽAmūdayn, al-Ḥamatīye, Amuda, Amuta, Amoutay, Ամուտա, Յամուտայ, Յամոյտա, Ամուտայ, Hamuda, Amouda

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Robert W. Edwards
1973 - 1981
Arab, Crusader, Armenian, Mamluk
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Arab, Crusader, Armenian, Mamluk
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