: Azgit
: Turkey
: Cilicia, South-Central Turkey
: 37° 36’ N, 36° 22’ E
: Armenian

Azgit is a garrison fortress primarily of Armenian construction, perhaps on an earlier Byzantine site.  The main entrance to the single bailey has the typical Armenian slot machicolation.  A large tower with two stories and upper battlements controls the easiest access to the main gate.  This site once guarded a strategic road extending from Kadirli in Cilicia Pedias to Geben and Cappadocia in the north.  Azgit was also at the junction of a route to Maraş via the fortresses at Dibi and Kalası.


Ref: Fortifications, pp. 83-84; Crusader, p. 47; Cilician, pp. 84-91; Châteaux, pp. 164-166.


(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: none known

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