: Çaleoğlu
: Turkey
: The Pontos, Northeastern Turkey
: 41° 01’ N, 37° 29’ E
: Hellenistic, Late Antique, Byzantine

Çaleoğlu is a large garrison fortress, primarily of late antique and Byzantine construction, at the summit of a precipitous outcrop.  The first of four baileys is protected by a barbican while the others have entrances through narrow corridors, often protected by towers.  There is evidence of at least one scarped sarcophagus.  This site is located on the strategic inland route connecting Niksar to Ünye on the Black Sea.


Ref: Pontos, pp. 183-187, 235-39; Byzantine, pp. 103-106.


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(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: Caleoglu

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Robert W. Edwards
1977 - 1983
Hellenistic, Late Antique, Byzantine
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