: Akdamar
: Turkey
: Historic Armenia, Eastern Turkey
: 38° 20’ N, 43° 02’ E
: Armenian

Aghtʽamar is an island in Lake Van with an Armenian monastery, which includes fragments of residential buildings, a cemetery, and a church.  The basic plan of the Church of the Holy Cross at Aghtʽamar, erected by King Gagik of Vaspurakan between 915 and 921, is a niche-buttressed square supporting a decagonal drum and dome.  The photographs in this collection were taken before the Turkish “restoration” of the church.  The site is preserved today as a museum.


Ref: Aghtʽamar, pp. 3 ff.


Plan is in the reference cited above.

Additional photos are in the reference above.

(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: Aghtamar, Aghtʽamar, Ałtʿamar, Աղթամար

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