: Gökvelioğlu
: Turkey
: Cilicia, South-Central Turkey
: 36° 50’ N, 35° 37’ E
: Arab, Armenian, Byzantine

Gökvelioğlu is a well-fortified castle with two distinct baileys, primarily of Armenian construction with Arab (?) and Byzantine remains.  The gatehouse-entrance and impressive defenses at the northeast include an extensive undercroft; approximately 25 m to the south of the latter is one of the largest cisterns in any Cilician fortress.  This site is located in Cilicia Pedias on an important route between Misis and Ayas.


Ref: Fortifications, pp. 132-137; Three, pp. 118-125; Burgen, pp. 165-169; Châteaux, pp. 107-109.


(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: Güveloğlu, Gokvelioglu, Guveloglu

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Robert W. Edwards
1973 - 1981
Arab, Armenian, Byzantine
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Arab, Armenian, Byzantine
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