: Kadirli
: Turkey
: Cilicia, South-Central Turkey
: 37° 22’ N, 36° 07’ E
: Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine

Kadirli is the ancient settlement of Flaviopolis which preserves today a large 5th -6th c. Basilica that was built over a pagan site (either a villa or a center for the local Asclepius cult) and was later repaired and occupied by Armenians (13th c.).  It is 36 km northeast of Anavarza on the road to Vahga.


Ref: Eerdmans, Robert W. Edwards, “Flaviopolis,” vol. 1, pp. 537-539; Karatepe, pp. 17-22; Isauria, pp. 29-37.


The plan and additional photos are in the references cited above.


(Site description written and references compiled by Robert W. Edwards)

: Flaviopolis

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Robert W. Edwards
Late Antique, Armenian, Byzantine